This form is for new journals only. If you are interested in moving an existing journal to the Iowa State University Digital Press, please contact the Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian.

A worksheet is available to help with the completion of this form.

Enter the name of the faculty, staff, campus unit, or scholarly or professional organization that is sponsoring the journal. For student publications, enter the name of the recognized student organization or campus unit sponsoring the journal
Enter the name of an Iowa State University faculty or staff member who will liaise between the scholarly/professional organization and the Iowa State University Digital Press during journal setup.
Enter the name of your faculty adviser.
Enter the proposed title of your journal. Choose a memorable title that accurately describes the subject of the journal.
Share the aim, scope, and vision of the journal.
Indicate the need for the journal (i.e., what gap in the literature is this journal seeking to fill?).
Enter the names and institutional affiliations of potential members of the journal's editorial board.
Enter a list of potential sections of the journal (e.g., Articles, Commentaries, Reviews).
Enter how many issues you anticipate publishing in a year.
Enter the planned publication date for the first issue.
Select the subject area(s) that best apply to the journal.