Pressbooks Set Up Form

Please use this form to request a new book in Pressbooks. Once submitted, the Scholarly Pubishing Services Librarian will create a new book, as well as accounts for all authors and editors listed in this form. Pressbooks will send emails to all authors and editors with a verification link—please click this link to get started. If you don't see the email after a few minutes, please check your junk mail folders.

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Enter the names and email addresses of additional authors and editors who will need access to your textbook in Pressbooks.
The textbook title is used to create the URL for the book, which is required for setup. Once a book has been created, its URL cannot be changed.
Please enter the full code and title of the course this textbook is being written for.
Please enter a brief description of your textbook.Please enter a brief description of your textbook.
Please select any Pressbooks plugins you would like enabled in your textbook. Links to more information about each plugin is available under "Pressbooks Features" on our Open Textbook Publishing page.